• Father Nick & Archbishop Naumann.
  • Father Nick being installed as our Pastor.

As the days once again shorten after high summer, and the sun follows its unvarying path down from its height, winter feels unimaginably distant. Yet we know that with the regularity of the seasons it will inevitably return. So too in our interior lives do we forget times of difficulty or want when we are in the midst of abundance. Ups and downs certainly come, but we do not place our hope in the changing circumstances of life. Christ, who is our King, rules the universe, His Father having placed all things under His feet. It is there that our peace can be found––the peace of His Kingdom. We place our trust in His power to claim us as His own despite our wandering and confusion, our disappointments and our distractions. 


Mass Times

Weekday: Monday 5:30pm
Tuesday- Friday, 8:30am
Weekend: Saturday, 4:00pm; Sunday 9:30am
1:00pm Spanish
Reconciliation: Saturday, 3:30pm or by appointment
Adoration: Wednesdays, 9am - 6pm
Christmas Eve 7:00pm
Christmas Day 9:30am
Holidays 9:00am

Office Hours

Monday-Wednesday 9:00am-3:30pm
Wednesday 3:00-6:00pm Spanish
Thursday Closed
Friday 9:00am-3:30pm


  • Sun, Dec 8th

  • Sun, Dec 1st

  • Sun, Nov 24th

  • Sun, Nov 17th

  • Sun, Nov 10th
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