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Jesus tells us to be watchful and to be alert, so I suggest that we work at being alert to all the spiritual gifts that we have all around us. As we enter this Advent Season, a time of “joyful expectation,” may our days be filled with the richness of God’s spiritual gifts. As we embark upon all of December’s many activities may we know the gift of wisdom to help us choose wisely how to invest our precious time. May we have the gift of counsel to walk with those around us who may be struggling this December. May we have the gift of understanding so that we can set realistic expectations for ourselves and for our families. With these and other gifts we will know the fruits of peace, patience and self-control!


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Adoration: Wednesdays, 9am - 6pm
Christmas Eve 7:00pm
Christmas Day 9:30am
Holidays 9:00am

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